“Leading By Differentiating”


Welcome to the ELM Graduate School. It is an honour to be entrusted with the leadership of postgraduate
education at HELP University. After more than 25 years of leading in multinational companies, I am aware that changing socio-economic and business environments place new demands on graduate education. The growing gap between what academic institutions offer and what society and business expect of graduates requires us to  constantly review the philosophical and pedagogical basis of academic programs, especially graduate programs. It is increasingly obvious that mere mastery of functional competencies is inadequate and that higher order thinking skills are needed.

Towards this end, the ELM Graduate School strives to incorporate adaptive competencies in our curricula and embed within the learning environment a more Socratic approach to pragmatic questions of business and fundamental issues of life. We aim to be a serious thought leader in this paradigm shift. Hence, the use of the ELM framework represents such an effort.

The ELM Framework focuses on the interplay of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management. It provides a practical approach to understanding and use of the growth mindset competencies related to entrepreneurial drive, visionary leadership and management ability. This is aimed at creating a new generation of decision makers who can cope with the new order of business life.

To actualise this, the ELM Graduate School is led by a faculty of academic experts and experienced industry practitioners. The teaching pedagogy includes, when relevant, the case method, problem-based learning, appreciative inquiry and simulation studies. Group discussion is stressed. Formal lectures and class discussions are supported by interactions with C-1 executives in the ELM Executive Education Forum where successful entrepreneurs and CEOs from Asia share their experiences.

The ELM Graduate School’s The ELM Graduate School’s seminar program for 2014 includes these topics: The New Adaptive Organisations; Asian Disruptive Innovations; China and New Business Initiatives; Green Business Curricula; and What is the Right Culture for Business Success? In 2014, the theme of our international conference is Asian Leadership: the Next Generation.

The ELM Graduate School offers a broad range of master’s programs, including a proposed MSc in HR Leadership. These are flexible modular programs with useful specialisms. They are capped by the DBA and the PhD by research. The DBA is a reflective investigation by senior executives of practical and pragmatic issues, while the PhD spearheads a new trend of rigorous research with contributions to theory and knowledge.

In addition to the programs, the School also offers customized executive education programs. We also provide organizational consulting to meet the growing demand from corporations for in-house training in a variety of areas. We also provide consultancy in developing curricula for competency based training and change management. My own professional interest is HR Leadership and Development.

This is an exciting time at the ELM.  We welcome you to join our growing alumni to share this exciting learning experience. Together, we can exercise our leadership to influence changes for the better in this tumultuous world.

Datin Dr Wendy Liow
BScBA cum laude (Louisiana),
MBA (Hull), DBA (UniSA)
Dean, EL M Graduate School

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