HELP-Ricoh Strategic Partnership: Entrepreneurship in Action

HELP-Ricoh Strategic Partnership: Entrepreneurship in Action

HELP is a social business enterprise that has grown and sustained its success through good governance, sound financial management and adherence to high academic standards.

It is the only educational enterprise to receive the Forbes award for being one of the top 200 Asia Pacific companies with capitalization below USD1 billion. Other accolades and recognition include the Ernst & Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and Australian Educationist of the Year awards.

Currently, HELP University and its Technology Partner, Ricoh (Malaysia) are poised to extend their collaboration by creating a bigger and more comprehensive Innotech Centre which serves as an incubator for students to cultivate entrepreneurship mindsets and know-how. It also serves as a one-stop digital office technology centre providing imaging, printing, publishing and documentation management and information security services.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh (Malaysia) said, “We are truly honoured to be a part of this relationship – to be a strong, trusted and reliable IT and business partner with HELP University for the sixth year running. At Ricoh, we strive to complement the evolving needs and work styles of the various communities to create new customer value. Aside from forming a great partnership with a business entity, it is really encouraging that we are able to also impart business efficiency models to the young leaders of our nation.

“Through the various platforms in this partnership, we have been given the opportunity to carry out our mission as a total IT and business solutions provider – to enhance productivity and lifestyles by increasing workflow and efficiency through our range of products and services. We are excited to continue working with HELP on this project and we are confident of a fruitful collaboration that will further enrich and strengthen our partnership,” concluded Mr. Wee.

Datuk Dr Paul Chan, President of HELP University said: “Over the years, we have seen the Innotech Centre grow in tandem with the increase in student numbers and expansion of the curricula. We see this as the perfect opportunity to expand the scope of services and strengthen the HELP-Ricoh partnership.

”The partnership will provide students with internship opportunities to expose them to Ricoh’s management expertise, business culture and a global mindset, in hopes of inspiring them to start their very own business through training programs developed by our organisations.

“Our partnership over the years has turned the Innotech Centre into an education hub, making it a platform especially for the Young Entrepreneurs Club (YEC), whose members will be encouraged to improve their entrepreneurship skills through the use of forward thinking and innovative tools provided by Ricoh,” added Datuk Dr Paul Chan.

More significantly, the partnership will provide opportunities to generate and practise entrepreneurship initiatives and learn innovative lessons.

HELP generates numerous projects created by students and staff which could be developed, commercialized and marketed: applications for mobile phones developed at the Department of Information Technology, and invention of products and processes by the Faculty of University Foundation Studies which have won the Malaysian Toray Science Foundation awards for many years.

HELP also looks forward to learn franchise and marketing strategies from Ricoh for products in the intellectual and technological spheres and to globalize them.

The HELP-Ricoh partnership will also energise business and commercial ventures to demonstrate the relevance of the framework underlying the ELM Business School of HELP University: the dynamic interplay of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management (ELM) in making strategic decisions that would determine success and profitability in any enterprise or venture.

HELP as a successful social business enterprise has been practising the ELM framework all these years, namely how to think and do business. Now the HELP-Ricoh partnership will further actualise the ELM framework. It provides opportunities for the talents of both organisations to exercise their mindset-based competencies to: acquire Entrepreneurial foresight and resourcefulness capability; exercise visionary Leadership from a global business perspective; imbibe Management skills to be business-intelligent and for strategic sustainability.

The combined clienteles of Ricoh and HELP will provide challenging testing grounds for the efficacy and relevance of the ELM framework.

Entrepreneurship is also embedded in the curricula of HELP’s academic programs, and students are also nurtured in the entrepreneurial mindset through the Young Entrepreneurs Club and the Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre, as well as through participation in investment games and competitions in which HELP students have come a close second to notable universities like the London School of Economics and the National University of Singapore.

HELP will also use its entrepreneurial skills to globalize its specialist programs, including the MSc in Economic Crime Management, the only one offered in the region, which attracts candidates from professions like banking, accounting, law enforcement and compliance and governance authorities.

HELP is also committed to social entrepreneurship. In actualizing it mission “To help people succeed in life and live a life of significance through education”, it provides scholarships, bursaries and study awards worth RM20 million each year. Staff are also given opportunities to upgrade their qualifications and skills through short courses and study leave.

HELP is the only higher and tertiary education institution that has attained success simultaneously in three areas: as an academic institution, a viable business proposition, and collaborative business ventures with local and multinational partners. Its growth potential is enormous, and its collaboration with Ricoh will ensure the mutual growth of the two institutions by capitalizing on their individual strengths and resources.

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