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The MBA Online programme is offered by the ELM Graduate School of HELP University in response to the demand for more flexible study options for professional and career advancement. The growing list of postgraduate programmes of the ELM Graduate School now includes 12 specialist Master programmes and three research based degrees: the MPhil, DBA and PhD.

The MBA Online programme is an in-depth study of business management and delivered to the same high standards as similar programmes in top universities. The MBA Online programme delivers the same unique, efficacious learning experience that has made the flagship HELP MBA a popular and influential programme in Asia Pacific.


About the MBA Online programme

The programme is delivered by an accomplished faculty and supported by experienced industry practitioners. Students can now access it whenever or wherever their schedule permits and still learn and share with participants from all over the world in an interactive and virtual environment.

The programme’s flexible, 12-module online structure makes it highly attractive and popular for busy working adults and large cohorts of students from across the world. Candidates can choose to pay-as-they learn by enrolling in multiple modules at a time, or pay the full cost of the programme, whichever that is easier and more convenient for them.

Getting an MBA is a big milestone decision in one’s life. In line with HELP’s mission to ‘help people live a life of significance through education’, ELM Graduate School will be offering special bursary schemes and flexible financing options to make the programme even more attractive, and to help the students meet their career aspirations and business goals.


Financial Aid

ELM Graduate School will be offering an inaugural fee of RM18,000, and HELP alumni and staff will enjoy a 10% bursary. The full tuition fees is priced at RM25,000. Further, a bursary scheme of USD500,000 is available for deserving students, and bursaries ranging from 10% to 50% will be awarded based on the background and merit of the applicants.

In view of the economy downturn and global retrenchment, ELM Graduate School will also be offering a special bursary scheme to selected applicants to lighten their financial burdens while still providing them with the opportunity to obtain a widely recognised MBA from a leading institution. Applicants above 55 or who are unemployed or retrenched will automatically receive a minimum 40% bursary.


Message from the Dean

Whilst I believe that the core concepts and methods of higher education will not be radically changed, online education will become the future of further education in anticipation of great advances in knowledge sharing tools. HELP is ready to adopt this new pedagogical approach to further education.

Our MBA programme is designed to help professionals pursue a deeper appreciation of the interplay and importance of entrepreneurship, leadership and management competencies required to prepare you to successfully manoeuvre through a complex and competitive world.

Dr Wendy Liow, Dean of ELM Graduate School who has an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in various multinational corporations across different industries.



For more information on HELP’s MBA Online programme, please contact ELM Graduate School at 03-2716 2000 or email Raymond and Aw Kong Hwee at and


To achieve the MBA, you will need to complete 40 credits, comprising 11 modules and one Project Paper. Each module last six weeks. Students who wish to embark on accelerated learning can take up to three modules per term.


You will be required to conduct an independent Study Project, which can either be a dissertation or a consultancy project for an organisation. The seven-credit Project Paper lasts 12 weeks. We also recognise that online postgraduate study brings on new challenges of self-motivation and self-discipline to the students as they are required to study more independently. Postgraduate students are also expected to demonstrate a deeper understanding and the ability to critically analyse and produce longer pieces of academic writing.


To this end, an additional module: Research skills and assignment writing for Post Graduate Studies is offered to students to help them to achieve their postgraduate studies more effectively. This is a compulsory zero credit module.

Module Code

Name of Module


Credit Value

ACC512 Accounting for Managerial Decision This module essentially covers the various areas of financial accounting such as primary financial statements, as well as the purpose, content, form and use of these statements to extract information about business operations via financial statement analysis.

It also deals with topics from management accounting, and covers a wide range of areas such as cost concepts, product costing techniques and processes used to generate information for management planning and control to support decision activity (i.e. CVP, budgeting and decision making).


MGT508 Operations Management This module examines the importance of operations and its functions within an organisation and how it contributes to the competitiveness of the business. It provides students with a firm foundation in the principles and concepts of modern production and operation management as applied in world class manufacturing and service environments.

Students will learn operations strategy, process design, planning and control, project management, quality management as well as how products and services can be delivered at optimal level.


MKT501 Marketing Management This module exposes students to the key issues in marketing strategies development within a competitive, globalized and digitalized environment. It is designed to help students understand the external environment, the role of research in evaluating market opportunities and also how a product is developed and marketed.

Case studies and simulations are used to enhance students’ knowledge and skills, especially in understanding real life application of marketing management and strategy.


ECO501 Business Economics This module offers an intensive ‘mainstream’ introduction to economic principles, and allows students to develop a business person’s understanding of the fundamental economic problems of the firm and of the society in which the firm operates from.

Students will be exposed to the study of business and economics, both of which are necessary for a career in business. A strong grounding in economic theory and applications will provide them with the tools of analysis, which can then be applied to business related modules. You will learn the process of strategic analysis, pricing, company organisation and structure, competitive advantage and innovation.


MHRD501 Global Human Resource Management This module is designed to provide students with the working knowledge of HR Management practices in a global context. Students will appraise the main approaches in international human resource management and understand the national influences on the practices of HR Management.

They will also learn about the HR approaches used by MNC. The topics are carefully selected to help students develop a global mindset and cultural sensitivity, as well as enhance their skills in dealing with global talent management, compensation and benefits, employees’ relations, mobility management, etc.


MGT506 Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness This module is designed to enable students to understand and analyse the complex nature and characteristic of leaders and leadership. Students will critically examine the concepts of leadership and management in diverse cultural settings and evaluate and apply appropriate theories and model of leadership to achieve organizational sustainable competitive advantage.


MER501 Entrepreneurship Management This module is designed to develop understanding of entrepreneurship, its scope and role in management. It delves into the important dimensions of entrepreneurial activities, while recognizing different roles of entrepreneurs, different forms of entrepreneurship and the challenges in managing the entrepreneurial journey. Students will appreciate the scopes and limitations to entrepreneurial action, decision making and behaviour from the perspectives of both the art and science of entrepreneurship management.


ACC511 Corporate Governance and Accountability This module provides students with a critical understanding of contemporary issues in corporate governance and accountability, with a focus on the need for ethical conduct in businesses. Students will learn the different governance issues, how they are evaluated, as well as develop an understanding on the role of institutional investors, board effectiveness, executive directors, risk management, internal control and transparency.

The module emphasises on the evolving concept of holistic governance and the increasing need for stakeholder accountability. Students will have the opportunity to explore how corporate governance and accountability may be enhanced and how ethical business environment can be enhanced and sustained.


MEM502 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution ** This module serves to provide the conceptual frameworks and conflicts analysis models, tolls and processes for effective negotiation and conflict resolution. It teaches students to adopt a mindset that is aware and sensitive to a diverse population across different organisational settings.

Students will explore the system dynamics, complexity of issues and actors, as well as learn how to build common grounds, establish dialogues and work towards reaching a constructive outcome through the use of collaborative processes.


MGT502 Asian Business Environment ** This module explores the role of national and regional environment and the diverse range of business environment in Asia. Students will learn the origin of Asian dynamism, and have the opportunity to analyse the lessons as well as discuss the issues that Asia will be facing in the new century.

Students will learn to understand macro-characteristics such as economics, cultures, politics, firm-level economic outcomes in Asia, as well as the role of Asia in the world economy. Students will be informed on the realignment of economic and political power between Asian countries and the rest of the world in the new century.


MGT505 International Business ** This module provides students with a broad understanding of international business environment, as well as helps them develop a critical awareness for major issues and problems associated with the development of international business and management.

Students will learn to evaluate ideas related to internationalisation processes along with the problems of formulating and implementing successful international business. Students will also learn to understand the concepts and skills that are needed to manage international operations.


MGT510 Strategic Management The module examines the process of strategic management, focusing on the nature of strategy formulation and implementation. Students will develop strategic decision making skills through the analysis of strategy concepts, tools, as well as case study examples.

Students will also be able to apply strategic management frameworks to critically analyse the business and its competitive environment; formulate competitive and development strategies and suggest implementation plans.


MGT511 Project Paper The Project Paper involves developing an original paper, research study or project related to entrepreneurship, leadership and management areas.

It offers students the opportunity to undertake an independent research/consultancy project; integrating what they have learnt throughout the MBA programme and applying these concepts and skills to a real problem at the workplace or within the community that they operate.

Students will undertake the study using appropriate research methodologies and frameworks. Students will be able to apply theories and synthesize literature in their field of study; gather, analyse and interpret data as well as make a written presentation of their findings that is appropriate to the Master level degree.


MCR 500 Academic Writing and Research Skills for Post Graduate Studies This is a compulsory subject although it is non-credit bearing. We recognise that new skills are required for postgraduate study. This module is designed to equip students with the skills to undertake academic assignments. Students will learn time management skills, research skills, evaluation and data analytics skills as well as extended writing skills.


** Free Electives: Students are required to choose 2 of the 3 free electives. More free electives will be offered when they are available.

Note: Please note that current scheduling and modules offered may be subject to change.

A Bachelor degree from a recognised University with a CGPA of 2.50, preferably with adequate industry experience; those with a CGPA of less than 2.50 but with 5 years of relevant working experience are also admissible.


Apart from the regular entry criteria above, HELP is allowed to admit Malaysian students to the programme via the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) system where the adult learners meet the criteria of being of minimum age of 30 years as of 1st January in the year of application, possess at least STPM / diploma / equivalent (e.g., foundation), with relevant work experience.


Students will need to provide proof of proficiency in English to be able to apply for the course.

March and September 2017

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