Masters in Managerial Psychology (MMP)



Masters in Managerial Psychology (MMP)

KPT/JPS (R/311/7/0043) (A6245) 10/19

The Master of Managerial Psychology program applies psychological principles to the practice and discipline of people management. This program is designed specifically for leaders, general managers and human resource managers as well as trainers, consultants and corporate coaches.

The curriculum is also structured according to the requirements of the Standards and Requirements of Training for Counsellors 2003-2010 as set by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors.

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The Master of Managerial Psychology course comprises of 12 modules. Students are required to enroll for the 6 compulsory units, and choose 6 out of the 8 electives offered. Students who do not have a prior degree in Psychology will be required to complete one pre-requisite subject during the course of the program.

Pre-requisite subject:

  • PSYP101 General Psychology

Compulsory Units:

  • MGP601 Project Paper
  • MGP602 Selection Placement in Management Psychology
  • MGP603 Principles of Organisational Psychology
  • MGP605 Psychology of Training and Development Management
  • MGP606 Testing and Measurements in Managerial Psychology
  • MGP613 Psychology of Organisational Change and Development

Compulsory Units:

  • MGP604 Consumer and Advertising Psychology
  • MGP607 Ethics and Conflict Resolution
  • MGP608 Psychology of Peak Performance
  • MGP609 Psychology of Consulting and Practice
  • MGP611 Psychology of Leading, Coaching and Mentoring
  • MGP612 Cross-Cultural Managerial Psychology
  • MGP614 Entrepreneurship
  • MGP615 Occupational Health and Human Factors Psychology

Note that classes are held:

  • This program is designed to suit the needs of working adults.
  • Part time: All lectures are scheduled on 2-3 weekday nights, Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Friday.
  • Full time (subject to availability).

Note: Sequence of subjects may vary from intake to intake.


Examination – 40% – 60%
Course Work – 40% – 60%

High Distinction (HD) 85 – 100 marks
Distinction (D) 75 – 85 marks
Credit (CR) 65 – 74 marks
Pass (PS) 50 – 64 marks
Fail (FL) 0 – 49 marks

A basic degree in psychology or a degree in any discipline with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 over 4. To verify entry requirements please contact Yogasri.S at 03-7849 3000 ext: 3212, or Dr Goh Chee Leong at email:


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