Masters in Counselling



Masters in Counselling

KPT/JPS (R/762/7/0018) (A6678) 01/21

The Masters in Counseling program covers all the main areas of study required of a professional counsellor. It addresses issues in social psychology, developmental psychology, the helping relationship, testing and assessment, group work, research methodology, ethics in the helping profession, career guidance and development, and practical work.

The curriculum is also structured according to the requirements of the Standards and Requirements of Training for Counsellors 2003-2010 as set by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors.

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The Masters in Counselling programme consists of a total of 15 Subjects (51 credit hours) as listed below:

  • MC-501 – Human Development Across The Lifespan
  • MC-502 – Social Diversity and Culture
  • MC-503 – Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • MC-504 – Career Information and Career Development
  • MC-505 – Techniques and the Process of Counselling
  • MC-506 – Research Methods and Statistics
  • MC-507 – Group Process
  • MC-608 – Testing and Assessment
  • MC-609 – Theory and Practice of Career Counselling
  • MC-610 – Marital and Family Counselling
  • MC-611 – Analysis of Individuals and Groups in Counselling
  • MC-612 – Issues and Ethics in the Helping Profession
  • MC-613 – Counselling Practicum
  • MC-714 – Thesis Writing
  • MC-715 – Counselling Internship

Note that classes are held:

  • This program is designed to suit the needs of working adults.
  • Part time: All lectures are scheduled on 2-3 weekday nights, Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Friday.
  • Full time (subject to availability).

Note: Sequence of subjects may vary from intake to intake.


Examination – 40% – 60%
Course Work – 40% – 60%

High Distinction (HD) 85 – 100 marks
Distinction (D) 75 – 85 marks
Credit (CR) 65 – 74 marks
Pass (PS) 50 – 64 marks
Fail (FL) 0 – 49 marks

Degree in psychology or in any related field from a recognised university / professional qualifications from a recognised examining body with a CGPA of 2.5 over 4. There will be an interview and selection process and only 35 students will be accepted into this program.

Intake 2020: Once a year intake;application submission by 30 Sept 2019 for Jan 2020.

Make sure you have the phone you’re installing the program on handy.