Master of Human Resource Development



The programme is designed to equip HR practitioners or those aspiring to assume senior HR roles with a strong interdisciplinary foundation and a set of leadership skills to assume multiple leadership roles and be visibly accountable for business results. Students will develop skills to explore cutting edge concepts, business insights, best practices and case studies related to areas such as Integrated Talent Management, Employee Engagement, HR transformations, Strategic Planning and organizational development and change.

  • HR has a vital leadership role to play but most of the programmes on HR is on HR functional skills training, the HELP Master of HR Development bridges that knowledge gap.
  • The design of the HELP Master of HR Development Programme takes an outside in approach as we believe that HR professionals must look outside their organization to customer and the communities that they are serving to define their success in the profession and not just how well they manage their HR functions in a company.
  • Students will be exposed to various business strategy case studies of different companies in different industries to ensure that they do not fall back into their functional perspective
  • Teaching will be delivered via a mixture of lectures, seminars and practical workshops with strong practical industry-relevant component. Most, if not all teaching faculty have deep professional experience in HR
    related areas.
Modules (12 units)
Organizational Communication
Organizational Learning and Change
Human Resource and Technology
Employee Engagement
Shared Values and Business Ethics
Integrated Talent Management
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Organizational Consulting and Design
HR Transformation
Global HR Management
Strategic HR Planning
HR Leadership and Influence


Exam (20%) + Assignment I (30%) + Assignment II (50%)

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University, preferably with minimum 5 years industry experience.

May and November of the year.

Bursary & Financial assistance available.

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