Master of Executive Management



Master of Executive Management

KPT/JPS (R/345/7/0497) (A10034) 06/19

The MEM, first offered in 2011, aspires to instil junior executives and middle managers with the knowledge, skills and behaviour for advancement to senior and higher management roles, especially in the arena of corporate and business strategy, innovation, leadership, and governance. These are among the very criticial issues that today challenge ambitious and emerging, as well as endangered organizations in their bid for business success and corporate growth amidst ever-changing, ever-threatening and ever-opportunistic global developments.

With a specialist curriculum, the MEM pioneers new learning modules such as Cultural Intelligence, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Statistics and Knowledge Management examining areas not specifically addressed in many traditional management programmes but also draws on the relevance of selected HELP MBA subjects to provide candidates with a comprehensive exposure to important disciplines in general management. The MEM is supported with an academically and professioinally qualified faculty compellingly familiar with corporate and industry thought and practice.

Introductory Case & Research Methodology (non-credit subject)

MCR 500

Core Subjects (8 units)
Corporate Governance and Accountability
Cultural Intelligence & Strategic Leadership Development
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Knowledge Management
Management Consultancy
Global Business Strategies
Statistics for Executives
Managing Innovation

 ACC 511
MEM 501
MEM 502
MEM 503
MEM 504
MEM 505
MEM 506
MEM 507

Electives (Selection of 4)
Business Economics
Management Theory & Practice
International Business
Leadership & Organisational Effectiveness
Strategic Management
Marketing Management
Business Accounting & Finance
Corporate Finance
Human Resource Management
Business Ethics
Management of Organisational Change
Operations Management

ECO 501
MGT 501
MGT 505
MGT 506
MGT 510
MKT 501
ACC 501
FIN 501
HRM 501
MGT 503
MGT 507
MGT 508


Exam (20%) + Assignment I (30%) + Assignment II (50%)

A Bachelor degree from a recognized University preferably with adequate industry experience.

April and October with course registration and commencement open throughout the year.

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