Master of Entrepreneurship



Master of Entrepreneurship

KPT/JPS (R/345/7/0598) (A6246) 03/20

The Master of Entrepreneurship is dedicated to help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the
capacity to turn situations into opportunities and ideas into successful ventures to serve societal needs.
If you want to be your own boss, rejuvenate or create a new value that makes a difference, be an
‘intrapreneur’ and innovator in an existing company, take over a family business, or understand the
nature of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial journey, this program is for you.

Total student immersion

The program emphasizes theoretical rigour to help students develop a conceptual awareness of the
nature of enterprise. It also facilitates the understanding of a wide range of managerial, marketing and
financial skills within the entrepreneurial context using experiential and action learning. This pragmatic
and holistic pedagogy supports the development of mindset based competencies for entrepreneurial
foresight and actions.

Nurturing the art of entrepreneurship

We recognize that the very nub of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovations is inductive, highly subjective and fundamentally experiential. To nurture this ability, we leverage on our broad spectrum of external linkages with government agencies, chambers and multiple industries, and connect our students with practicing entrepreneurs. In November 2014, we launched Startup Hub@HELP University. Its team of successful business coaches and entrepreneurs is dedicated to assist students in all dimensions of opportunity identification, ideation, actualisation, commercialisation and beyond. Furthermore, our teaching team comprises relevant academic experts, experienced industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Our learning experience will be enhanced with value creation projects, bootcamps, field trips, case competitions and elevator pitches. You will also be eligible for a privileged fee to participate in our shorter programs. All these activities allow you to observe, question and absorb entrepreneurial novelty. These are also ample opportunities to tap on the rich experiences of entrepreneurial action and build
promising businesses and social networks.

We hope that you will explore this opportunity, and get to know us and the value of the program. Talk to us today to find out how you can benefit from this program and leverage our industry linkage; particularly with the SME sector. We invite you to be part of our growing alumni of entrepreneurs.

Introductory Case & Research Methodology (non-credit subject)

MCR 500

Core Subjects (10 units)
Entrepreneurship Management
New Venture Project Evaluation & Management
Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Business Economics

MER 501
MER 503
MER 504
MER 505
ECO 501

New Venture Growth Management
Managing Innovation
Strategic Alliances
Strategy Management for Entrepreneurs
Business Plan for New Ventures (Project Paper)

MER 506
MER 507
MER 509
MER 511
MER 512

Electives currently offered Other Electives – available when subject(s) offered
Psychology of Entrepreneurship
Global Ventures for Entrepreneurs

MER 502
MER 510

Initial Public Offer (IPO)
Psychology of the Entrepreneur
Cases in Entrepreneurship

MER 513
MER 502
MER 514


18 months


Exam (20%) + Assignment I (30%) + Assignment II (50%)

A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or an APEL certification from MQA for Diploma/STPM holders, or equivalent professional qualification, preferably with relevant industry experience.

Intake on a modular basis.

Weekend and evening classes.

And also why it’s not necessarily working.