Master of Business Administration



Master of Business Administration

KPT/JPS (R/345/7/0599) (A5957) 05/20

The HELP MBA aims to transform mindsets and developing winning behaviour by equipping its candidates with leadership and management competencies for personal and professional advancement. Attracted by its tradition of excellence and relevance, affordability and flexible modular delivery – expedient for busy adults occupied with business and personal commitments – student registrations have grown with an interesting diversity of students from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, including the Netherlands, Korea, China, France, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Uganda, Iceland and many other countries providing good networking and culltural learning opportunities and benefits.

The HELP MBA earns international recognition from reputable European and Australian universities and business schools, including University of Queensland, ESSCA Graduate School of Management in France and HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Introductory Case & Research Methodology (non-credit subject)

MCR 500

Core Subjects (8 units)
Business Accounting & Finance
Business Economics
Human Resource Management
Corporate Finance

ACC 501
ECO 501
HRM 501
FIN 501

Business Ethics
Operations Management
Marketing Management
Strategic Management (Project Paper)

MGT 503
MGT 508
MKT 501
MGT 510

Electives currently offered Other Electives – available when subject(s) offered
Management Electives
Management Theory and Practice
International Business
Leadership & Organisational Effectiveness
Management of Organisational Change
Entrepreneurship Management
Finance and Banking Electives

Investment Analysis
Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs
International Financial Management

MGT 501
MGT 505
MGT 506
MGT 507
MER 501

FIN 502
MER 504
FIN 504

Management Electives
Information Systems Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Evaluation & Management
Asian Business Environment
Finance and Banking Electives

Financial Institutions Lending
Financial Institutions Management
Money & Capital Markets
Portfolio Construction & Risk Management
Marketing Electives

Consumer & Organizational Buyer Behaviour
Industrial & Consumer Market Research
Multinational Marketing Management
Services Marketing
Strategic Marketing Communications

MGT 509
MGT 513
MGT 514
MGT 502

BAN 501
BAN 502

FIN 505
FIN 506

MKT 502
MKT 503
MKT 504
MKT 505
MKT 506

MKT 507


Exam (20%) + Assignment I (30%) + Assignment II (50%)

A Bachelor degree from a recognized University preferably with adequate industry experience.

May, July, Sept, Nov 2016.
Six-week modules consisting full-day classes on the first weekend and 6 evening classes.
Full time MBA week day classes will commence in May 2016.

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