Customer C.A.R.E.

Integrating basic psychological knowledge in the learning experience

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4 Days
CON 001




Customer service is about an awareness of how people feel and an attitude of respect towards the people who interact with us in our business. It is also about developing a long term relationship – whereby customers not only receive immediate gratification but know that they are also cared for in the future. Hence, there are two major reasons to deliver customer service: repeat business and happiness. The Customer C.A.R.E Program exposes participants to the essentials of great customer service.

The program emphasizes on
C… Communicating [clearly communicating processes and expectations]
A… Appreciation [understanding customer needs through empathy]
R… Responding [responding and taking responsibility in creating a customer service culture]
E… Effectively [effectively and efficiently providing solutions]

The primary focus will be on identifying the standards of great customer service as well as simple yet insightful ways on how each member of a customer service chain can provide this great immediate service and building a long term relationship which will leave customers happy and satisfied.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate the importance of great customer service in helping a business reap huge rewards.
  2. Demonstrate behaviors that will indicate a deep interest in helping their customers.
  3. Understand how their behavior impacts the behavior of others.
  4. Develop a personalized strategy for short term and long term customer care.
  5. Deal respectfully yet assertively with difficult customers.


  • Participants gain a better understanding on the importance of developing customer care. Effective customer care will effectively retain customers.
  • A renewed work culture where every person in the organization contributes to and is responsible for customer care.
  • Improved working relationship among team members only increases productivity in the workplace


We work at a deep, emotional and practical level to ensure the participants take responsibility and be accountable to improve their own work performance and behavior.

Internalization: The program will allow participants to articulate and communicate the various issues surrounding customer service and how best to approach these situations.

Contextualization: The program provides and seeks to enhance key personal customer care competencies.

Actualization: Applying what is learned to the everyday scenarios in the workplace in a practical and effective manner.


EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Workshop, Lecture, Role playing, Scenario Building, Group Dynamics and Demonstrations


DAY 1 Understanding Customer Expectation
Learning Lab 1.1 The Service Culture

  • The cost to organisations
Learning Lab 1.2 Understanding Customer Expectation
Learning Lab 1.3 The Psychology of Customer Care

  • Reframing Attitudes
Learning Lab 1.4


DAY 2 Effective People Management
Learning Lab 2.1 Personalities in the Workplace and personalities we meet
Learning Lab 2.2
Learning Lab 2.3 Handling difficult and angry customers
Learning Lab 2.4


DAY 3 Skills for Customer Care I
Learning Lab 3.1 Effective Attending Behaviour

  • Listening Skills
Learning Lab 3.2 Effective Attending Behaviour

  • Communication Skills
Learning Lab 3.3 Developing a Personal Development Plan
Learning Lab 3.4 Group Coaching Session


DAY 4 Skills for Customer Care II
Learning Lab 4.1 Communication Skills II

  • Capability
Learning Lab 4.2 Communication Skills II

  • Proficiency
Learning Lab 4.3 Telephone Skills & Email Etiquette
Learning Lab 4.4 Group Coaching Session & Wrap Up

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This project has proven to be great fun, and I have found that by the end of the semester, write papers for money to they have mastered complex sentences and paragraphing quite well.